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Policies for foul weather and lightning

Weather Delays or Cancellations

Check the Peachtree Facebook page for the most up to date field conditions and any potential delays or cancellations.

Lightning Policy

Lightning Policy for ALL Non-Crozet Park Fields:

All fields other than those at Crozet Park will  utilize the NATA approved 30/30 guideline (play must stop for at least 30 minutes after the last lightning is seen or thunder heard – play should stop when the flash to bang count is under 30 seconds).

Lightning Policy for Crozet Park Fields

In 2019, Peachtree purchased the Thor Guard lightning prediction system to help with managing safety during  all baseball  and softball activities at  Claudius Crozet Park.  These guidelines are intended  to help coaches and parents understand  this predictive system and utilize it to its fullest potential.    

Prediction vs Detection

The Thor Guard system is designed  to analyze the electrostatic  forces within a 2‐mile area to predict when atmospheric conditions are present  that will allow  for a lightning strike within the area.  The system will give an approximate 10‐minute warning in  advance of a normal moving storm.  The predictive system also enables the system to provide an “all clear” based off the same atmospheric readings faster than with normal detection technology which require a 30minute delay from the last strike.  

What you will hear and see

The Thor Guard system is located on top of  the main ACAC building at Claudius Crozet Park.  When atmospheric conditions are favorable for a strike, the alarm will go  off and send out a 15second‐long  blast of the horns.  At that time, the red strobe light will turn on and remain on until the all clear signal is given.  Once the conditions for lightning have subsided, the system will give three 5 second blasts of the  horns indicating all clear and the strobe light will turn off.   When you go to the park, you should  check to see if the strobe  lights are showing.  If they are, it means the warning signal went off prior to your arrival.  The  strobe light will stay on until the all clear is given.  

What you should do

Once the warning signal goes off  (or if  you see the strobe light on when you arrive), everyone should go to their cars until the all clear horns sound.  No one should remain in the dugouts or under shelters while the system has indicated that conditions are right for a lightning strike.   If an umpire (game) or a coach (practice) feels the need to stop field use based on lighting and or thunder outside of the Thor Guard system activating, they have the authority to make that call.  We do encourage our coaches and umpires to let the Thor  Guard system work for them though while still exercising common sense.  No one has the authority to let a game  or practice continue once the Thor Guard has activated its warning until the all clear signal is given.