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Information for Coaches

Coaching Requirements

Thank you for your interest in coaching with Peachtree.  The league could not operate without your efforts!  

The first step is to fill out a  COACHES REGISTRATION.

For Prospective Coaches:

Babe Ruth requires EVERYONE working with the kids to complete the following.

  1. FOR ALL Coaches, Asst. Coaches: Sign up for a coaching membership with Peachtree on SportsEngine and complete the Abuse Training and Background Check - The membership you are looking for is the current year Coach/Volunteer Membership.  You will need to sign up for the current year even if you signed up for a membership last year.. The abuse prevention training and background check is good for 2 years.  Cost is $25.50 for the abuse training and background check.  If you did the abuse training and background check within the past two years, you still need to sign up for the coaching membership on SportsEngine (free), and your previous training should be autodetected.  Certification is auto-sent to Peachtree.

  2. FOR ALL NEW Coaches and Asst. Coaches (Not needed for Tball) Coaching Certification Course - One time certification good for as long as you coach with Babe Ruth.  Cost is $19.95.  Upload a pdf of your certificate of completion at this link:  If you have already completed the training, you can just upload your certificate.  If you no longer have your certificate, but did complete the course in the past, you can redownload it from the course website.

In order to keep costs down for registrations, we ask that the coaches cover the costs on the background check and coaches course.  At the same point, we don’t want to lose a good coach based on these fees, so if you would like assistance with the costs please contact  our league president Cheryl ( and the league can help.