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Information for Coaches

Coaching Requirements

Thank you for your interest in coaching with Peachtree.  The league could not operate without your efforts!  

The first step is to fill out a COACHES INTEREST FORM.

If you are selected to be a coach or an assistant coach,  you will need to complete the following steps: 

1) Sign up for a coaching membership with Peachtree and complete the Abuse Prevention Training and Background Check.  While the membership is free, part of becoming eligible to coach is completing the abuse prevention training and background check, which costs $25.50.  We ask the coaches to cover this cost so that we do not need to pass it on to the players, but if you need assistance covering that cost please email  The training and background check are good for two years, but you will need to still sign up for the free coaching membership every year.  

2) FOR ALL NEW BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL Coaches and Asst. Coaches (Not needed for T-Ball coaches)  Coaching Certification Course - One time certification good for as long as you coach with Babe Ruth.  Contact the coaches rep for your division for a code to cover the cost of $19.95 for the course (Peachtree will cover this cost).  Upload a pdf of your certificate of completion with your 1st time coaching application below.

3) FOR ALL NEW Coaches and Asst. Coaches 1st Time Coaching Application  - One time application, Please email your coaches representative and share your coaching and abuse certificate with Cheryl once you have completed all of these requirements so they can confirm you got everything you need to get checked off the list.