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                      Frequently asked Questions for Greenwood Babe Ruth Division

Where is the Babe Ruth Division located: Peachtree’s Babe Ruth Division, Greenwood Baseball, calls the Greenwood Community Center home base. The address for the Community Center is 865 Greenwood Road, Crozet, VA 22932

Matt Winkler is your VP and Chad Mitchell is your Coaches Rep. Communications are done mainly through the coaches and via email. Please be sure that your current email address is on your registration form so that Roberta can add you to the email list. Emails are sent out frequently to the Babe Ruth division on activities, weather and changes so be sure to add her email address to your ‘safe list’- her email is  [email protected]

Where are practices & games: Most practices and games will be held at the Greenwood Community Center. There are times that we do go to other fields to play scrimmages & games. Greenwood does interlock with other Leagues such as Lane, Fluvanna, Greene, Orange, Spotsylvania and a few other leagues so occasional travel is more than likely. We do try to schedule away games on the weekends.

Try Outs:  Greenwood try outs are held after Western has established their teams. Tryouts will be held at Henley Middle School, Saturday, Feb 16th (Date subject to change)  Please plan on being there by 8:45 to get warmed up so we can get started at 9am sharp.   


Please wear tennis shoes    No cleats or baseballs will be allowed inside the gym

Bring all your gear with you

If your friends are interested but haven't registered yet please invite them to come with you or meet us there at 9:45 for the second session of tryouts. They can either register online at or I will have registration forms available

We are aware that a lot of players do try out for their high school teams and take that into consideration when scheduling games/practices. While we cannot accommodate all schedule conflicts we do try our best to work around the high schools schedules.

I want my child on a certain team: Request for coaches and teammates will not be accommodated. All players in the Babe Ruth Division are drafted.

When is the Draft: The draft will be held  the Sunday, Feb 24th (Date subject to change)   Time to be announced.

When will a coach contact me to let me know what team my child is on: The head coach will contact you during the first few days in March . If you have not received a call after that date, please email Roberta Whitehurst,

[email protected], and she will let you know what team your child is on.

When will practice start:  Practice will more than likely start the second weekend of March. The practice schedule will be determined by the number of teams we will have in 2019.

What time will practice start: The head coach determines practice time. During the first few weeks practices will more than likely be on the weekends only due to school schedules and the limited number of day light hours. Week day practices will be determined by the head coaches and they may ask to start practice at 5:30 due to darkness during the week days. Most coaches will start weekday practices at 5:30 or 6:00

When will games start: Games for our Babe Ruth league normally starts after Peachtree’s opening day which is March 16th, 2019. Typically, Greenwoods season opens the first weekend of April ( April 14th, subject to change) we will watch for Albemarle County’s Spring Break-Opening Day will be announced later in March. At the beginning of the season games will mainly be on the weekends, Saturdays & or Sundays, due to darkness. Once it starts staying lighter later, games will be weeknights & weekends.

CONCESSION STAND: EACH PARENT IS REQUIRED TO WORK AT LEAST ONE TIME IN THE CONCESSION STAND. A schedule will be given to the head coach as to which days their team is to work the concession stand.  Parents working the stand are required to stay until everyone has left the baseball field.

If you have any questions please contact your Babe Ruth V.P.  Matt Winkler @[email protected]
or Roberta Whitehurst @[email protected]                 
Email is the best way to communicate.

If you would like to be added to the Peachtree League email list, send your name to [email protected] or for the Greenwood Master list contact Roberta at [email protected]

Greenwood Babe Ruth Coaches are needed. No experience is necessary! For more information, click here

       Team, Field & Concession Sponsors are needed, click here to see sponsor opportunities.            

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