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                            MAJOR AND MINOR DIVISIONS GENERAL

A)      Free substitution of players is allowed during the game.

            1.  An exception is for pitchers: no pitcher may re-enter the game as a pitcher once removed as pitcher.

B)       A continuous batting line-up consisting of all of all present, eligible, uniformed players is required.

            1.  When employing a continuous line-up, free substitution of defensive players is allowed during the game, but the batting order shall remain the same.

             2.  All players other than the nine (9) defensive position players are extra hitters and may move freely in defensive positions with the exception of the pitching position. Nonstarting pitchers are not allowed to return to pitching.

           3.  The pitcher that came in to pitch as a sub pitcher cannot leave the game and re- enter as a pitcher.

           4.  Any player(s) arriving after the game has begun, shall be added to the bottom of the batting line-up.

           5.   When using the continuous lineup and a player has to leave the game for any reason, that position in the line-up will be skipped; the offense will not take an out for that at-bat.

C)       A ten (10) run slaughter rule will be implemented. If a team is leading by ten (10) runs at the end of the 4th  inning, the game is over.

D)      A pitcher will be removed from the game if he/she hits 3 batters in a half inning or 5 in a game.

E)       Home Team is responsible for prepping the field before the game, and making sure that their dugout and bleachers are clean after the game. Visiting team is responsible for working the scoreboard, raking the field after the game, and making sure that their dugout and bleachers are clean.

F)        Protests must be made, in writing, at the time of the incident and forwarded to the League President within 24 hours.

             1. The plate umpire must also be notified immediately at the time of the incident that the game is being played under protest.

              2.  The board will review all protests.

              3.   This DOES NOT APPLY to umpire’s judgment calls, only rule and/or regulation violations.

              4.  Decisions will be relayed by the Vice President of the affected division.

G)      Disciplinary problems, resulting in the non-participation of a player for a particular game, must be reported to the opposing teams’ coach and the umpire prior to that game. Disciplinary problems during the game resulting in non-participation for the remainder of the game must also be reported to the opposing teams’ coach and the umpire.

H)      Cal Ripken rules dictate that players must participate in each six-inning game, regardless of time, to include a minimum of (6) defensive outs and a (1) time at bat. Coaches are strongly encouraged to provide more than the minimum requirements to all players and violation of this rule will result in a one-game suspension for the head coach.

I)   Batting Rule: All players present at the game will remain in the batting order. The batting   order will remain unchanged during the game.

J)  Any time a player or coach behaves in an unsportsman like manner (throwing equipment, abusive language),he/she may, at the discretion of the umpire, may be removed from the game.

K)   If a runner attempting to reach home plate intentionally and maliciously runs into a defensive player in the area of home plate, he will be called out on the play and ejected from the game.

        1.    The objective of this rule is to penalize the offensive team for crashing the defensive player, rather than trying to reach home plate.

        2.   This is an umpire's judgment call.

        3.   If there is a play at home, the offensive player must slide. If they do not slide, they will be called out.

L)   If player is not at the game by the end of 2nd inning (1st pitch has been thrown in 3rd inning), the player CANNOT enter the game. EXCEPTIONS can be agreed upon between BOTH coaches for late arrivals in case of emergencies or school field trips.

M)    Only head coaches may speak with umpires during the game.

N)      The Board suggests that games be rescheduled for the following Sunday.

              1.        In the event that the participating teams are unable to play the game on that  Sunday, the coaches of those teams will work together, and with the counsel of the Coaches Representative, to ensure that the game is made up prior to the close of the regular season, generally during one of the team's scheduled practices.

              2.   Coaches must ensure that any game reschedule is communicated with their division representative on the Board.                 

              3.   A player cannot be penalized due to religious beliefs for not attending the game.


O)      Teams will come back and only finish the game to the end of the time limit that was left from the original game.

          1.  Umpires will only be paid one time for each game, if a game is called and has to be rescheduled the umpire that was scheduled originally for the game will also be responsible for finishing the remainder of the make up game.

P)       Minor and Major games may start and finish with 8 players. At no time will a game may be played with less than 8 players.

Q)      The scoreboard will be turned off if one team is leading the other by 15

or more runs. No stealing or advancement of bases on overthrows with a 15 run lead.

R)       Games will have an 2 hr time limit, this includes weekday and weekend games.

             1.   No new inning shall start after the 2 hr minute mark, this allows us to finish an inning and a game at 8:05-8:10.

              2.   If a game starts at 6:00 then no new inning shall start after 8:00.

              3.   Umpires watch will be the determined time.

S)        To minimize the chance of forfeitures and game rescheduling, Peachtree Baseball encourages the use of substitute players when a coach is unable to field a team.

                1. Majors can use a maximum of 1 substitute player in order to field 9 players. The substitute player must be from the Minor division.

                 2.  Minors can use a maximum of 1 substitute player in order to field 9 players. The substiture player must be from the Rookie division or another team within the Minor division.

                3. The player will bat last and play left or right field.

                4.   The manager must first receive approval from the opposing manager OR the Vice President of Major/Minor for the proposed replacement player.

                5.  When using a substitute player, every attempt should be made to maintain completive balance between the teams.

T)       End of season tournament

                1.        Single Elimination

                2.        No time limit on any games

                3.        6 innings if you don’t finish 6 innings come back the next day to finish

                4.        Pitching is NOT a rolling 6.

5.        A ten (10) run slaughter rule will be implemented. If a team is leading by ten (10) runs at the end of the 4th inning, the game is over.

6.        No substitute players will be allowed in post-season play.



                                        MINOR DIVISION ONLY

A)       Six (6) runs maximum may be scored per inning.

1.        Umpire will announce the last inning. The last inning will be unlimited runs.

B)       Minors can play with 4 outfielders.

C)       Minor Base Stealing - Rule: When a pitcher is in contact with the pitchers plate and in the possession of the ball and the catcher is in the catcher's box ready to receive delivery of the ball, base runners shall not leave their bases until the ball has been delivered and has reached home plate.

                                                           PITCHING RULES

A.       A Cal Ripken Baseball pitcher, regardless of age may pitch six (6) innings per calendar week.

1.        Applies to all games regardless of when played. This includes rescheduled and make- up games.

2.        If a pitcher delivers one pitch in an inning he shall be charged for one one inning pitched.

B.       No pitcher may pitch more than 3 innings in any one game.

C.       The calendar week of Babe Ruth League, Inc. is Monday through, and including Sunday. Peachtree has adopted the Babe Ruth recommendations for Maximum Daily Pitch Counts (baseball) and prescribed rest days based on total daily pitches thrown. See table:





Required Rest Days per Pitch Count


Daily Limit

0 Days

1 Days

2 Days

3 Days

4 Days















Babe Ruth








D.       An official game pitch counter will be appointed by the home baseball team.

1.        The in-game pitch tracker will notify the head coaches and umpire regarding pitch counts between innings.

2.        The in-game pitch counter will complete a form indicating, per pitcher: final game score, number of pitches thrown per inning, total pitches thrown, and total innings thrown for the game.

3.        A smartphone image of this form will be submitted to the official pitch count tracker and VP via contact information on the form.

4.        The hardcopy will be turned into the concession stand.

Metrics will be recorded on a publicly accessible spreadsheet for accountability

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