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Tball League Governing Rules


B)No player sits on the bench. Only one player at each infield position and remainder in the outfield.

C)Batters, base runners, and catcher must wear helmets at all times.

D)No new inning may start 1.5 hours after the official start of the game. Teams can play up to a maximum of 6 innings. Three innings is the norm.

E) No Stealing.

F) Each batter is allowed 5 swings. In order to be deemed legal, a hit must travel at least midway between home plate and the pitcher.

G) The hitting team will be limited to either a maximum of 5 runs, or 3 outs to end an inning.

H) Coaches must constantly reinforce having the players stay in their positions when the ball is hit.  Players should only field balls that come to their position.

I) No player can play the same position more than once in the same game.

J) The catcher will be located in the on-deck circle with a batting helmet.  The catcher will always be located in the deck circle behind the hitter (e.g., if a batter is in a right-handed stance, the catcher will be located in the on deck circle on 3rd base side.

K) The defensive team coaches will be the “umpires”.  Defensive coaches should be located as follows: three in the outfield, and two in the infield,(Infield Coaches should be located between 1st & 2nd base and 2nd and 3rd base)

L) Offensive coaches should be located as follows: one at home base to place the ball on the tee, one at 1st and one at 3rd base.

M) The only extra base taken will be a true hard hit (as opposed to errors).  The runner (who hit the hard ball) will be stopped by a coach once a defender has control of the hard hit ball.

N) The runners cannot advance beyond a single unless the ball travels to the outfield cleanly, and no outfielder is within 3 feet of the ball when the runner hits first base.

O) No base advances on throwing errors.

P) Score should be kept by the coaches in the provided scorebook. You DO NOT need to announce a winner at the end of the game.  

Q) Tball teams will have practice once a week. Coaches should focus on teaching the fundamentals of baseball, hitting off the tee, where to throw the ball when hit to their position, base running and defensive play.

R) Home Team is responsible for prepping the field before the game, and making sure that their dugout and bleachers are clean after the game. Visiting team is responsible for  making sure that their dugout and bleachers are clean after the game.

S) Head Coaches should have at least 3 assistants AND A TEAM PARENT. A team parent is very important on a tball team. Team Parent will coordinate volunteers to run the concession stand when it is your teams turn. Each team will need someone to run the dugout to make sure the kids are safe-no bat swinging in the dugout.

T) The Board suggests that games be rescheduled for the following Sunday. In the event that the participating teams are unable to play the game on that Sunday, the coaches of those teams will work together, and with the counsel of the Coaches Representative, to ensure that the game is made up prior to the close of the regular season, generally during one of the team's scheduled practices. Coaches must ensure that any game reschedule is communicated with their division representative on the Board. A player cannot be penalized due to religious.  




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