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                                        Rookie League Governing Rules

  1. Six(6) runs maximum may be scored per inning.

  2. There is no slaughter rule in Rookie.  The emphasis is on fun and maximum repetitions with on the spot coaching and teaching.

  3. 1 hour and 45 minute time limit. NO inning will be allowed to start after 1 hour 45 minute time, however if the game is in the middle of an inning at this time the game will continue until the end of the current inning.

  4. Pitching machine shall be set at 7 beginning with the first game. The speed will stay at 7 until Spring Break. Upon returning to the field after Spring Break the machine speed will be set to 8 and remain at that speed for the remainder of the season. These speed settings as well as the date to change them are to be followed by EVERY coach in the Rookie Division.  There is NOT to be any changing of the machine speeds during games

  5. Pitcher Position- 1 Player ONLY in this fielding position. Player MUST have BOTH feet in the Pitchers Circle and CANNOT move out of position UNTIL the ball has crossed the plate. A “Pitcher Circle” will be chalked before the game around the mound with a 10 foot diameter

  6. Bunting will be allowed in Rookie Division.

  7. ONE base limit per EACH overthrown ball, runner may advance at own risk. Ball is live until the leader runner is held. Runners cannot advance past current base once the ball in in control anywhere in the infield dirt.

  8. Players may not play the same position more than 2 innings in a game.

  9. The Coach working the pitching machine for that half inning will be the umpire.  All calls made by that coach are final and not open to debate. 

  10. The batter will receive a maximum of 5 pitches or 3 strikes, and there are no called balls or strikes.  A pitch can be declared “no pitch” if it is deemed unhittable (bounces before home plate or sails above batters helmet).  The umpire of that inning makes that “no pitch” call.  Any ball that is swung at is declared a strike.

  11. Dead Ball-The ball is declared dead if the ball makes any contact with pitching machine, the umpire, or coach running the pitching machine.  This will result in a single and all runners advancing 1 total base.

  12. Runners may not leave the base before the ball is contacted with the bat.

  13. All players hit and field all game long.  4 or 5 outfielders may play.

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